Real People + Real Clothes

After moving into our new neighborhood nearly one year ago, we can't help but notice how the vibrant members of the community continue to inspire us every day. Follow us as we tell the stories of our friends, and capture real people in real clothes from the shop. 



I met Clyde just a few weeks after we opened the doors downtown. He is a familiar face on Princess Street, and is typically spotted helping out down at Louie's Hotdogs. One particular day, he parked his bike out front and stopped in to say hello. You can tell how polite and charming he is from the moment you shake his hand.

While getting to know Clyde, he would share stories of his past and how he came to live in Wilmington. He has had to overcome a great deal of adversity, however he often shares his desire to continue to build a better life for himself. Clyde has progressed from being incarcerated to living in a halfway house, and now rents his own apartment downtown. From what I gather, he takes a lot of pride in keeping his new space spotlessly clean. He's making great choices and works hard. His act is together.

He has built a support system of friends and family that not only want to see him succeed, but want to spend time enjoying his contagiously positive personality. On top of attending school at the age of 52, Clyde has several jobs around town. He has been working at the popular eat spot Rx on Castle Street for nearly a year, and can also be found helping Mrs. Jerri Holliday with her Resource Center to provide clean and free clothing to those in need. For someone who doesn't have the most to give, Clyde is generous.

Clyde inspires me and my staff every time we see him. His courageous dedication to repel negative influences and bad energy is admirable. He visits us frequently now, and owns three pairs of shoes from the shop. If/When you see Clyde around town be sure to say hello to our friend, and you'll likely make a new one as well. 






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